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The move to our new home and the addition of our second daughter may have signalled the end of the the Sustainable Cup. We apologize for leaving you without your weekly "fix", and we'll be sure to let you know if things change. Thanks for your support and we wish you all the best.
Peace and blessings to all.

Scott, Ivy, Elle, and Mae.


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Lake Atitlan - Guatemala
We Are Closed for the Foreseeable Future - Sorry & Thanks for your Support!

The Sustainable Cup

Our Mission

Born out of a passion for coffee,
The Sustainable Cup strives to promote a community of coffee based upon two main principles:

- To offer the finest freshly roasted coffee


- To obtain coffee in a manner which promotes sustainability to farmers who use traditional growing methods

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The Americas
Asia & The Pacific
Fair Trade Certified
Please check back often for additions and updates.

TransFair USA - Fair Trade Certified Logo Fair Trade Certified Coffee
Check out our selection of Fair Trade Certified coffees. For more information on Fair Trade visit TransFair USA.
Sustainable Cup Coffees
We roast our coffee to order in small batches, and promise to ship or deliver within 24 hours of roasting to ensure freshness.

All of our coffees are shipped as whole beans. We highly recommend grinding your beans just prior to brewing - this will ensure the freshest and most flavorful coffee.

Here is our current selection of coffees.

Costa Rica - Dota Tarrazú - El Conquistador
Nicaragua - Selva Negra Estate
Colombia - Mesa de los Santos - Don Telmo Reserva
Brazil - Fair Trade Certified Organic - Poco Fundo
Papua New Guinea - Kinjibi Peaberry
East Timor - Fair Trade Certified Organic - Maubesse
Ethiopia - Fair Trade Certified Organic Yirgacheffe
Indonesia - Fair Trade Certified Organic Sumatra - Gayoland
East Timor - Fair Trade Certified Organic Maubesse - Decaf
Gift Bag - In the Spirit of Giving